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"My Mission Is To Empower, Educate And Motivate Women To Become The Healthiest And Fittest Version Of Themselves..."

Hey, I'm Ash

My mission is to empower, educate and motivate women to become the healthiest and fittest version of themselves.

Unlocking their potential and taking their life to the next level. 

I don't believe in extreme exercise regimes, excessive dieting and body negativity.

My focus is in helping you to unlock your full potential through a healthy, fit and mindful lifestyle, not just for the summer but for a life time! 

I am a qualified Personal Trainer specialising in Female Fitness and Pre and Post Natal Training.

I help pregnant women to reap the benefits of exercise during pregnancy; maintaining energy levels, core connection, pelvic floor function, good posture, and muscle mass. And postpartum, help them to approach their postpartum fitness with a strategy and care to heal their body and recover safely and effectively.

I believe that taking care of your health is a commitment to yourself, a commitment that represents self respect and inner strength. 

An investment into your health is an investment into the rest of your life, and has the potential to drastically change not only how you feel physically, but mentally!

If you want to; feel healthier stronger and fitter, become more motivated for life and create a lifestyle that lasts, get in touch! 



“I have been training with Ashleigh for over a year now and have learnt so much from our weekly sessions. I have progressed on so many technical forms and have gained nutritional knowledge alongside. Ashleigh listens to your goals and tailors the workouts accordingly & makes every small thing an achievement, like completing my first full press up! My confidence has grown massively thanks to Ashleigh and I feel comfortable entering any gym from this :) Ashleigh’s outlook on a healthy lifestyle is sustainable and realistic which is inspiring in a time of a lot of pressure from social media influencers. An amazing role model!” 

—  Hayley Gibbs, Client

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